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As a competent manufacturer for sports equipment we would like to support you with high quality sports equipment and assistance in all situations.

If you browse through our homepage you will find out, what PSR is about. 


PSR stands for Service and quality. This is the concept that we stand for  

with ambition and passion, so that you get the best possible support.

Whatever your application is, you will get everything from one hand! 

Started from the equipment for a complete sporting area,

individuals utensils components or even special solutions.


PSR helps you in every situation, for outdoor- or indoor applications.

25 years experience, 15 at which is in a family owned business offer you  

Look for our company brand
  • the best possible service      
  • professional and individual consulting
  • matured manufacturer component

And the best thing is:
Mostly we have all products on stock. 

So we can deliver it to you in all situations.

In this way you will get your sports equipment as soon as possible.


Enjoy your time at our homepage and we hope that you will get some impression for your sporting area. We are pleased to help you, just feel free to contact us. 


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